Are you publishing a book soon and are wondering how you will make a name for yourself and sell books? Are you already a published author and aren't getting the results you desire for your book sales or visibility? If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, this workshop is for you!

I want to share a little story with you. 

You may or may not know that when I wrote and published my first book, it was done in roughly 10 days. To some that may seem like an admirable feat (and I thought it was for the longest), that is until I realized how many MISTAKES I made that - had I taken my time - could have been avoided. 

Let's take #Branding for instance...

I was in such a rush to have my book in my hands (or at least available online somewhere for sale) by a specific date (the day I had a speaking engagement at NYU) that I completely missed the step of properly branding my book AND myself as an author in time to make solid sales. 

It took me over a YEAR to FINALLY get rid of the 200 hundred books I published during my first print run. Those books sat in a box collecting dust for at least 20 months! (SMH)

By that time, I had published ANOTHER book which I'm too embarrassed to even say how many that sold.... and then another, yet, nothing had changed about my presentation or my approach to being an author. I was literally just out here winging it. 

That is until I discovered the art of BRANDING. 

BRANDING - the promotion of a particular product, person, or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

Once I began setting myself up to have first an IDENTIFIABLE brand, I worked my way into building an INDISPUTABLE brand and my book sales SKYROCKETED

As an author or future author, you have to understand that book sales will flourish once you've established both an IDENTIFIABLE and INDISPUTABLE brand presence. I want you to not only write and publish your book, sis, but also be able to sell out and get the opportunities you seek! The best way I know to make that happen is by your BRAND. 

How to Build An Indisputable Author Brand Workshop (1).png

For the next couple of Wednesdays this month, I'll be teaching #tribe How to Build An Indisputable Author Brand that will have you generating a loyal following both on and offline, securing the bag with book sales, and preparing for opportunities for free publicity and paid appearances!

Do you want to be able to promote your new book with ease and not frustration?

Do you want to have systems in place so you don't have to stress yourself out about how you're going to make a return on the funds you invested into your book project?

Do you want people to actually READ your book, share reviews, and tell their people to get your book as well? 

Do you want to STAND OUT among other authors in your genre? 


Okay, Cool! 

I need for you to click the button below to register for my brand new Workshop Series, "How to Build An Indisputable Author Brand"!

In this 3-Part LIVE Workshop, you will learn a few things....


Wednesday, August 15th (3pm - 6pm EST)

I will teach you how to create a brand story and image that'll have your readers/supporters locked in:

  • By identifying your brand colors, logo, and/or identifiable stamp.
  • By creating a captivating book cover design and writing a winning back cover synopsis.
  • By creating a winning pitch both for you and your book.
  • By securing a domain name and website hosting service where you'll get the most for your money.
  • By setting up a landing page for your website to begin gaining email subscribers, while letting your audience know you're here!
  • By crafting a branded Welcome Email for your new subscribers



Wednesday, August 22nd (3pm - 6pm EST)

I will teach you how to build an online presence that will have people feeling like they know you and will want to buy from you:

  • By building a 5-Page Website on Squarespace with an accompanying branded email address.
  • By identifying which social sites are best for you and your brand, then how to go about branding them so that they are succinct. 
  • By take professional looking photos from your smartphone and how to secure a photoshoot with a photographer.
  • By writing a winning bio / pitch for your respective social media platforms.
  • By creating graphics for your social media pages that directly speak to your brand story.
  • By showing up online and creating a consistent presence so people feel connected to you.



Wednesday, August 29th (3pm - 6pm EST)

I will teach you how to build a solid brand and reputation OFFLINE so that you're open and accessible for more in-person opportunities:

  • By designing and printing business cards that reflect why someone should want to connect with you.
  • By mastering your elevator pitch and learning how to introduce yourself to 1 or 100 people.
  • By making sure your website is up and running, and your social media pages are inviting.
  • By showing you how to look the part and how to show up in your respective industry.
  • By networking with a purpose and knowing how and when to follow up with people you've met.
  • By creating a media kit and having it ready to be sent or to direct people you meet to it.
  • By leaving whoever you meet wanting MORE of you, your book(s), and whatever else you have to offer.
  • By building your social media following during in-person encounters so you'll continue to grow both online and offline.

SIS, You can choose to join me for the sessions you need or for the entire 3-Part Workshop! If you want to be in on ALL THREE SESSIONS, click the button below!