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Nia Sadé Akinyemi, also known as “The Literary Revolutionary” is a 25 years young 3x Bestselling Author, NAACP Award Winning Activist, and Owner of an international publishing house dedicated to black and brown people, called YBF Publishing LLC. She started her career as a Book Editor at the tender age of 19, after having established a successful side hustle editing papers for her peers throughout high school and college. Only a short year after editing over a dozen books, Nia decided that she was finally ready to write and self-publish her own book. But it wasn’t until November 1, 2015, when Nia was offered the opportunity to speak on “grassroots activism in Atlanta” for a conference held at New York University by several chapters of the Black Student Union, that she knew she needed a book in hand sooner than later. Thus, in 10 days leading up to the conference, Nia pulled pages of content from her social media platforms, crafted an extensive outline, wrote and published her first book, “Young Black Fearless: The 7 Step Guide to Activism”. Though it seemed as such a triumphant feat to have accomplished such a task in such a short time, Nia made A LOT of mistakes with her first book that eventually motivated her to learn more about the publishing industry. 

Four years since the release of her first book, Nia has gone on to publish two more titles as an Author and one as an Editor; an Anthology (a compliation of written excerpts from several authors who -in this case- were her publishing clients) called “For Colored Girls Growing Like A Rose from Concrete”. Nia has worked on over 75 books, has published nearly three dozen by Black Authors, and is gearing up to publish 10 more before the end of 2019. 

As an Author Coach and Literary Activist, The Literary Revolutionary has reached over 10,000 people across her social media platforms through her strategic literary campaigns urging Black people to write and publish powerful books with ease and confidence. In January 2017, Nia launched the #WriteTheBookChallenge as a social campaign, following the likes of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, the #DontJudgeChallenge, and the #SoGoneChallenge to name a few. From this challenge, her following catapulted from under 1,000 followers to nearly 3,000. In June of that same year, Nia put out a call for Black Authors in Atlanta to meet up for a photoshoot, and received an overwhelming influx of inquiries to attend. After the photoshoot, the #BlackAuthorsMatter campaign began and ran for 9 months, garnering the attention and support of Black Authors and literary professionals across the nation. In January 2018, Nia published “Write the Book, Sis! An Interactive Guide to Writing A Powerful Book Your Audience Will Want to Read”, after having “written” the book via her Instagram/Facebook LIVE videos; which raised her social following to nearly 8,000 subscribers. From that book, Nia was able to secure 10 Black Women writers who wanted to publish and she released each of their books last year. 

As a Social Justice Activist, Nia has organized primarily around the issues of police terrorism, gun violence, multi-generational leadership, and cultural/political education in schools. She was awarded the Human Rights Activism Award by the Clayton County Branch of the NAACP in 2015 after her organizing work surrounding the police brutality case of Former Black Panther Party Leader and Political Prisoner, Dhoruba Bin-Wahad of the NYC Panther 21. Nia’s political advocacy and desire to see more young people as elected officials, led her to running for a Clayton County Commissioner seat in 2016, where she came in 3rd out of an 8 candidate race. Though she was not successful in winning the Commissioner’s seat, she made history as the youngest candidate for commissioner in the State of Georgia. In November 2016, she was nominated for the Young Adult Literature Award at the 2nd Annual Black Power Awards.

Nia has served as the Chairwoman of the Young Adult Council for the NAACP. She’s led the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism as the Youth Coordinator for the State of Georgia and was a founding organizer of the Clayton & DeKalb County Coalitions for Justice & Police Accountability. After taking some time to recover from “activist burnout”, Nia now serves as the President of the Atlanta Chapter of the SisterCARE Alliance, which promotes self-care as a form of social justice and social justice as a form of self care. 

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Nia started her journey as a writer and activist long before she knew that there were careers in each field. When she became a teen mom at the age of 17, she immediately took full control of her actions and newfound responsibility. Nia’s goals were to ensure that she would not only avoid becoming a “statistic”, but to overachieve as a young mother showing other teen moms how to THRIVE as opposed to merely striving to survive. 

She is now a homeschooling mom of a beautiful 7 year old boy, Israel X, and when she is not writing and publishing her next book, running her business, or organizing in the community, she is teaching Writing & Literature from an African Centered lense at the Roots to Fruits Cultural Homeschool Collective in West End Atlanta, GA.