Melanin in Publishing

We are here to shine a light on the beautiful Black and Brown faces in the literary and publishing industries. We feature Authors, Editors, Publishers, Agents, and Bookstores!

The current climate of the publishing industry is overwhelmingly white AF. Melanin in Publishing is here to shake that up!

It is our duty to normalize BLACKNESS in these spaces so that our children and children’s children will see more of US in their books, libraries, bookstores, stages, and screens.


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  1. Your feature MUST include (1) HIGH QUALITY/PORTRAIT STYLE photo of you and (1) HIGH QUALITY photo of your book(s), store, or work you’ve done in the industry.

    (No bathroom pics, mirror pics, in-the-car-with-the-seatbelt-strapped-across-you pics allowed.)

  2. Your feature MUST include a captivating quote, lyric, or story (YOUR WORDS/NO ONE ELSES) that accompanies the picture.

(If you are an Author, it would be wise to use the most POWERFUL quote or excerpt from your book(s), as this is a great marketing opportunity to build your following, email list, and bag.)

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This is not a MUST. However, those who share other features oftentimes end up garnering double the new followers for showing love. ;)

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