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...you wake up on a beautiful sunny morning and you're immediately bombarded with email notifications on your phone. You check to see what all the fuss is about, and quickly learned that you've sold over 30 books in your sleep, a blogger and a podcaster are requesting an interview with you, and you've been asked to be a guest speaker at the local Summit in a couple of weeks!

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Writer's Block? I've been there. Don't have a clue how to make all of your ideas make sense? I know that feeling, too. Completely unsure of what it takes to write AND self-publish a book? Sis, trust me. I understand.

After years of watching others become authors, I finally decided to just GO FOR IT. At the age of 21, I kissed procrastination and self-doubt to the curb, and made it my mission to start AND finish my book in just 10 days. Yep, you read right. Just TEN days. 

Almost three years, four books of my own, and over a dozen client books published later - I can confidently say that I know a thing or ten about writing and publishing books.

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Have you been contemplating writing a book for THE LONGEST? Do you have a story to tell that could change lives and/or maybe you're an expert in a particular field with a whole lot of knowledge and insight to offer? What about advice - do you have that to give? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the previous questions, you might want to get started (or finished) with this book, sis.

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You can either make the commitment to get your book done this year, or  you can find the motivation and inspiration to push you to do so.

It's as simple as that.

I went from being a serial "watch everyone else live the life I desire" kinda girl, to becoming the woman I wanted to be...

...and it started with my first book.

Click here to get your copy of my book,

“Write the Book, Sis!”


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Hey Sis! I'm Nia Sade Akinyemi, "The Literary Revolutionary".

I teach people of color how to revolutionize their brands by writing, publishing, and marketing powerful books with ease and confidence. I help my clients flip their ideas or manuscripts into literary masterpieces through my author coaching, partner publishing, and consulting services. Women often come to me when they have a story to tell, a skill to share, advice to give, or expertise to offer and they want to put it in the form of a book. I pride myself in helping sisters gain respect as authorities in their lives and in their fields through written and published text. 

Similarly to one of my favorite writers Zora Neale Hurston, I strongly believe that if we are silent about our pain, (they) will kill us and say we enjoyed it. And like my literary shero Toni Cade Bambara would say, I concur that the role of the write is to make revolution irresistible. So, whether your story is of trauma or triumph, it needs to be heard by someone somewhere. What better way than to have a lasting legacy by leaving your truth in print?

As Seen On: Necessary Blackness Podcast, MaterMea, The Shade Room, Media Blackout USA, LaToya Chimaine, and more!

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i became a teen mom at the age of 18... quickly learned to grind through the growing pains and built a literary empire..png
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i became a teen mom at the age of 18... quickly learned to grind through the growing pains and built a literary empire. (2).png
i became a teen mom at the age of 18... quickly learned to grind through the growing pains and built a literary empire. (3).png
i became a teen mom at the age of 18... quickly learned to grind through the growing pains and built a literary empire. (4).png
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As a Black Woman in the Arts, I've been blessed to not only use my art as a form of expression and education, but also to help other black and brown women do the same while monetizing it in the process.

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I thank Nia for having my back throughout this process of publishing my first book and for answering every question I had and for not getting tired of me with all the changes. (lol) She made this process so easy for me. Thank you so much sis for all your hard work and support in publishing my first book!! I am forever grateful for you!
— Angelique M. Niare, Author of The Mommy Manners Handbook
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