2019 Writer’s Workshop Series

So you’ve been thinking about writing a book? Or maybe you’ve already started writing your book, yet, you’ve gotten stuck and need some assistance with picking the pen back up to complete the book?


All 1st Quarter…

I’ll be hosting a Writer’s Workshop Series that will take place on Wednesdays all quarter long! Each session will touch on a specific topic that will assist you in the writing process as you work on your manuscript and build your author brand. Whether it’s getting you started by outlining your book, helping you write your back cover synopsis, about the author page, or acknowledgements page, or writing for branding, marketing, or publicity purposes; these hour long workshops every other Wednesday will help you get your entire writing life and they’ll definitely relieve some of the sweat forming on your forehead just thinking about all the pieces to the puzzle that you must incorporate to have a beautiful book launch.


January’s Schedule…

Wednesday, January 30th - The Author’s Bio! How to Write A Winning Bio for Your Back Cover, Interior, and Website!



The Investment

All Writer’s Workshop Sessions are $25 each and are packed with information, examples, and corresponding note sheets and replays delivered to your inbox at the end of the week of workshop. Click the session below that you want to register for.


Save Money!

You can get more for your money when you join my A-Team Membership program for only $47/month. You’ll get access to at least one writer’s workshop per month, amongst many other incentives. Click the button below to learn more.